The CUCCUMIA project comes from my passion for baskets. The challenge is to turn something simple into something stylish. CUCCUMIA desires to create a straw bag accessory with a high level of know-how, such as silk embroidery. The final product is certainly high style. We believe that elegance can indeed start from a simple base and then become more refined with elaborate details, such as initial embroidery. This embroidery makes your bag unique and exclusive. The brand-name CUCCUMIA originates from the union of “cuccuma” meaning “container, bin” (according to the original dialect of South Italy) and “mia” the Italian translation of “my”. The combination of those words emphasizes the idea of the choice to wear an exclusive CUCCUMIA bag. CUCCUMIA is not just a boat/beach bag, it can be worn everywhere for an elegant, timeless, boho, chic style.

all proudly made, with love, in ITALIA

cuccumia di eleonora nobile mino - piazza iside 4 roma 00184 italia p.i.  13519581006